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Hotel Maurer

The Hotel Maurer is now run by Managing Director Annette Maurer in its third generation since 2007. The beginnings of the house go back to the 1950s, the years of the German economic miracle and the spirit of optimism, especially in Saarland, which has just joined the Federal Republic of Germany. Formerly designed as a restaurant with guest rooms and own butcher shop in the house, it developed into the first address in town. When the decision was made that the daughter of the then company owner Hermann Maurer will take over the business, the course was laid for the development of today's status quo. After successfully completing her studies as a master chef, Annette Maurer created her idea for the future: concentrating on the hotel and catering. In the following, the house was rebuilt and raised to a modern, well-equipped level. An equally important area of the company is the organization of family celebrations, both in the hotel's own restaurant and banquet hall as well as delivery service to the guests at home. With this business model, the house and its employees have earned an excellent reputation, which is well known beyond the municipal boundaries and now guests from the most diverse countries of the world in the Hotel Maurer are well cared for and welcomed. The high percentage of regular guests who consider the Hotel Maurer a

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